Job Change for Big Company Executive

Going through a job change is never easy, especially if you seek out an entirely different environment.
Endeavor recently helped a big company executive change their job to lead a small company.
“I’ve always led divisions of large companies,” the client said on their first visit. “Big budgets. Lots of resources. A team of people around me. That was my world.”
This time, the client wanted something different. The corporate politics of intrigue and climbing the ladder no longer appealed to them. “I think I would like to lead a start-up or a smaller company.”
The client and our Endeavor agent talked about it at length to make sure they knew what this kind of job change entailed. Smaller companies don’t have the same resources. You wear a lot of hats and have to roll up your sleeves to do quite a bit of the work yourself. Sometimes you just don’t have the bandwidth to do everything you want.
“Yes, that’s what I want,” they said.
It took some time and a lot of rebranding who they were and what they brought to the table. They had to translate that experience into the value it would bring to a small company. They also needed to overcome the inherent biases of age and refocus on the value of their experience.
Instead of dreading going to work each day, now they can’t wait to get in and help build and grow the small company they lead.

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