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Image of Cord Harper, CEO of Endeavor Agency, is here to help with your executive job search, job transition and career change.
Cord Harper
Chief Executive Officer
Kathyrne Razniak
Kathyrne Razniak
Executive Coach
Jeff Harper
VP of Business Development
Brian Spielbauer
Dir. of Business Development
Dan Gomez-Palacio
Dir. of Executive Career Coaching
Portrait of Alphia Hightower
Alphia Hightower
Dir. of Executive Career Coaching
Duane Carroll
Duane Carroll
Dir. of Executive Career Coaching
Steve Pankey Executive Coaching · Change Management · Communication · Project Management · Career Counseling
Steve Pankey
Dir. of Executive Career Coaching
Shawna Littrell
Shawna Littrell
Director of Client Branding
Steven John
Director of Data
Mike Zweifel
Director of Marketing

your EXECUTIVE JOB SEARCH & career advantage

Endeavor Agency has the expertise, experience and resources to help executives and professionals in a job search secure interviews, win offers and advance careers.

For over 10 years, Endeavor has helped thousands find jobs at the professional and C-suite levels in many different areas, including higher education, marketing health care and sales. Endeavor’s effective partnership model incentivizes us to help you get the best possible outcome for job seekers.

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Endeavor Agency also serves businesses and organizations through its outplacement services. Whether a layoff, reorganization or needing to separate from just one employee, Endeavor provides premier job transition services for those affected employees. These services can help lessen their pain of losing their job so they can land on their feet faster. In addition, Endeavor’s outplacement services can lessen negative feedback on social media for your organization and help retain employees who may be thinking of leaving.




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