Your Chance for Meaningful Change

Big sudden changes thrust upon us offer a chance for meaningful change in our own lives. Will you seize the opportunity and make the most of it?

GET the picture

This picture spoke to me when I first saw it. Substitute one letter in the word “Change” and you get “Chance.” Big changes provide a chance, an opportunity, for progress. If the economy forces your company into layoffs and you are affected by it, this could be your chance to reinvent your career or join a better team. Use this time to change and improve your situation. The actions you take now will determine your outcomes later in the year and perhaps the rest of your career.

Are you prepared?

Are you prepared to compete in the job market? The level and quantity of competitors will be greater than in normal times. The number of available jobs will initially be fewer. What actions are you taking now to ensure your career will improve? Are you actively working to grow your network? Are you working to improve your interview skills to convey your value better than others with similar skills and experience? Do you have the resources to uncover more and better opportunities than what you can find on the normal job boards?

avoid change sending you backward

Change will often go the other way, though, if we don’t embrace it and channel it in the direction we want. Those who stand paralyzed in fear might be steamrolled by it. Later, these are the ones who will blame the economy and everyone else for their circumstances. There’s no shortage of information and news stories telling all of us what may lie ahead. The action steps you take now will determine if you move forward or backward in your career.

Change is upon us. Will you seize the chance?

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