Use That Empty Space on LinkedIn

For those who don’t have a background image on your LinkedIn profile, it shows up as a light blue band of nothingness.
This is prime marketing real estate. Use this empty space to your full advantage in your job search.
Most of the surveys we’ve seen about how viewers look at LinkedIn show they spend the majority of their time looking at your profile picture, the banner photo and the headline details of your name, title and location. Viewers will spend a little less than 30 seconds looking at your profile. 2/3 of that time is invested in this small section.
Pictures can send a lot more information in that time than text. As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words.
What would you like to convey in this empty space that makes you an interesting person? Are you a collector of classic cars? Do you like to go hiking in the mountains? Are you partial to a particular city and want to show off its skyline? There are so many things you can say with this picture.
If you have a good personal photo that tells a great story, use it. If not, find an interesting photo from a stock photo site. Buy it. It’s usually less than $10 to buy a single photo.
Tell your story with a great image and make use of this prime marketing real estate.


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