The Endeavor Agency can help your company navigate through the separation process with our outplacement services, whether with only an individual or many at once. We know this stage can be very tough for your team. Endeavor can help ensure your affected employees land on their feet and limiting potential damage to your company while demonstrating you do truly value people. Learn how below.

You hire the best when you want to truly help the team members affected during this process. Endeavor’s Outplacement Services go far beyond traditional services provided by other outplacement firms. Your company will be more respected and thought of in a positive light when you truly care for your team members to get them the support needed during this difficult time.

Numerous studies consistently show transitioned employees who receive effective outplacement help are less likely to bring legal action against their former companies. This not only saves money in legal costs but also protects the brand.

Downsizings and transitions can cause turmoil in an organization. Employees who were not initially affected may begin to worry about their own job security and begin to look for a new job. Endeavor Agency helps companies build an effective communication plan to retain key employees and allay their fears.

Endeavor Agency Outplacement Services deliver a much greater value than cheaper outplacement alternatives, even though we are a premium service provider. Your most costly option is the one that fails to properly work for everyone if the affected employees see little to no value in the outplacement service provided.

Affected employees can update their available outplacement services offered to Endeavor’s full agency model at any point during the 60-day service period, and utilize the total amount invested by your organization on the employee’s behalf. If upgrading services, an employee would be able to work one-on-one with a senior agent for up to a year to secure the new job they seek, plus have a full support team to achieve the best possible outcome for that employee. No other outplacement service company in the U.S. offers this benefit.

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Endeavor Agency Outplacement Services is a premium organization in the outplacement services market. We do much more than the average outplacement firm in helping you achieve the new job you need. The companies which choose Endeavor Agency for their transitioned employees truly care about their employees and invest more in helping them succeed. Services provided by us for employees include:

  • A thorough video conference consultation to understand your needs
  • Complete resume rebuild
  • Professional profile picture and editing
  • LinkedIn profile creation and editing
  • Networking and training for your job search
  • Use of extensive database of recruiting firms and job board
  • Training resources for each interview step
  • Eight coaching and consultation sessions with an experienced career counselor
  • An online learning management program filled with career resources
  • Option to convert to premium one-on-one coaching services for up to a year


Thank you for taking the time to learn about Endeavor Agency Outplacement Services and how we can potentially help you through a tough transition period for your organization. Below are several questions we regularly receive about our outplacement services that may address additional concerns you have before deciding to use our services. You can also contact us at any time by clicking on the button below.

We deliver more value in our services provided to both your organization and the employees in transition than any other outplacement firm.

We offer many more high-quality services than most outplacement firms provide, some of which are listed above in the “For Job Seekers” section. Endeavor Agency does not want to go through the motions of pretending to help affected employees. If you truly want better outcomes for your employees during this transition process, Endeavor Agency is the right pick and the right value for you.

The team at Endeavor Agency collectively has decades of experience in the human capital marketplace. Our team has helped thousands of clients successfully navigate the challenging waters of the job market to ultimately create the best possible outcome for each client.

We are ready and able to help your company, from large group transitions to a single individual. Our services equally apply to C-suite executives, front-line employees and any employee within your organization.

Yes, you can. You may use all of the money invested by your former employer in our services to upgrade to the Endeavor Agency model if you wish. This option sets us apart from other outplacement firms. There is no obligation to upgrade, but doing so allows you, the employee, the benefit of choosing services to meet your needs.


“Endeavor was a real blessing for our small company. We had never gone through a downsizing before and wanted to make sure we didn’t make some big mistakes. They provided coaching to our team in how to communicate to employees who were let go, what to say to the remaining team who we needed to keep, what front line managers should say to employees who were worried, even how to address the media about the situation. No one ever wants to go through a downsizing but the Endeavor team really helped us through a tough time. I would recommend them strongly.”

“As a career Human Resources executive, I’ve worked with many outplacement firms over the years. Like everything else it’s a mixed bag. Usually, the company tries to save money and go with the cheapest provider. I’ve always found you get what you pay for. I selected Endeavor agency when we had to downsize several senior executives. I knew these people well. They were my friends and my colleagues. I wanted to make sure they truly received the help they needed and deserved. I was very glad I selected Endeavor agency as each one of them successfully landed a good job in short order.”

“When our Private Equity firm recently purchased a new company to add to our portfolio, we immediately rolled it into another company we already owned. There were several redundant positions which were not needed. We wanted to make sure those employees who were being separated were well treated. Endeavor Agency was the firm we selected because their service offerings were much more extensive than the others we considered. The process ran much more smoothly than what we had encountered in the past and the feedback from the employees was very positive.”

“What impressed me immediately about Endeavor Agency was their willingness to allow employees to credit every dollar our company paid for the services toward their much more extensive service platform through Endeavor Agency, their parent company. Even on the outplacement model they go much further and actually do the work of rebuilding resumes, LinkedIn profiles and pictures, versus just providing some basic guidance and tips. Most individuals don’t have the technical skills to do it themselves even if you give them the feedback on what needs to be done. The Endeavor team communicated multiple times with all of the former employees we contracted them to help to make sure they actually utilized the services. I could tell they really wanted to help and we saw many more employees take advantage of the services versus the other outplacement firms we used in the past.”

“I’ll be honest, I wasn’t very happy when I was laid off by my company. It is what it is. Fortunately, they did provide us with career help from Endeavor Agency to find something new. I was pretty skeptical, at first, but I have to say they truly helped me. I hadn’t updated my resume in years and it looked pretty bad. My new one was like night and day different. I hadn’t used LinkedIn much, though I did have a profile. They helped me get a new top notch profile picture, wrote out my “value proposition” and even taught me how to use it to connect people at companies I wanted to target and get conversations started. I was shocked how many people I never even met were willing to talk to me just by reaching out. They provided me long lists of job boards and recruiting firms and websites where I could find a lot more postings than I even knew were out there. Glad I decided to follow up and use their services.”

“When our new CEO was hired he wanted his own core team of executives in the key spots. He was brining in his people from the outside. It’s part of business but it meant laying off several senior leaders. We agreed to provide outplacement services. I had heard good things about Endeavor Agency from some professional connections. They were very professional and provided great service.”