How Busy Executives Should Job Search

This article seeks to help busy executives find the success they desire and covers the importance of making the time commitment needed to succeed in their job search.

Make a commitment to the time needed FOR YOUR executive JOB SEARCH

Our clients are all busy. They do things constantly. Many executives use the word “busy” as some kind of badge of honor. Busy simply means you use a lot of energy. It does not mean someone is productive or efficient.

An effective executive job search requires productive outcomes and efficient usage of time. An executive searching for a new job must, first, commit to the needed time. We share with our clients that they will need to devote a minimum of 30 minutes every day to this process, though some days require more time, such as for an interview. The 30 minutes required is a minimum.

The minimum time requirement presents more of a challenge than it seems on the surface. Most executives schedule their days tightly. They struggle to find the time needed. The ones who default to the “I’m too busy,” escape clause, fail. Successful executives find a way to make it happen.

Gain control of your calendar. Break up the 30 minutes into smaller blocks of 15, 10 or even five minutes if needed, but, guard that time on your calendar jealously. Make it an unbreakable appointment with yourself. It will require some level of sacrifice. This is not easy by any means, but if you want to accomplish something special, then it requires a commitment.

Start with the commitment, first. Commit to your executive job search.

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