Guessing the Timing of the Economy for a Job Search

The best time to begin your search for a new job, even in uncertain economic times, is the moment you realize you want a new job.

Job search in an uncertain economy

“I’m concerned about the uncertainty in the economy,” the prospective client shared with me. “Is now a good time to change jobs?”

She shared with me earlier in our conversation that her new boss, a former colleague, made life difficult. The relationship changed. The power dynamic shifted and the new boss wanted to carve out her territory.

“Sure, there is uncertainty in the economy,” I agreed. “However, it sounds like there is even more uncertainty inside your company.”

“I think you’re right,” she said. “What do you recommend regarding the best time to start looking for something new?”

“You already know the future does not look good at the current company,” I stated. “Delaying your start only delays your finish. You gain nothing by waiting. The process of finding an executive job, one you really want, takes time. If you wait and your new boss finds a way to get rid of you, it will only make thing more difficult.”

“I hadn’t thought about that,” she replied.

“If you start the process when you are unemployed and feel financial pressure it creates an urgency to accept the first thing you can find,” I said. “Quite often that pressure sends your career backward.”

Companies hire and need talent even in the worst of economies. If you try to outsmart the economists and time things perfectly you either wait too long or never make the move at all.

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