Executive Coaching Prepares Candidates Internally for the External Hard Work

Executive coaching helps Endeavor clients prepare mentally and emotionally for the hard work ahead in taking the external action to land their new jobs.

executive coaching for the job search

“I loved the whole team approach from Endeavor,” our client shared in his post placement debrief. “The external process of networking and starting conversations, interviewing and negotiations are wonderful. But none of it would have worked for me until I worked with your executive coach on my internal focus.”

“What does that mean to you?” I asked.

“Finding and landing a job for an executive is way harder than I imagined,” he shared. “There are so many emotional challenges. It takes a toll. The coaching helped me clear my thoughts so I could actually go and do the things my career agent outlined for me.”

Changing jobs is one of the most challenging and stressful times for anyone. The most confident executives experience challenges never faced before. Many share, “I haven’t looked for a job in nearly 20 years. The jobs always seemed to find me. This is a whole new challenge.” If you undertake the process all alone there is no one to whom you can turn for help.

“What else would you share with a future Endeavor client?” I asked him.

“The external work of finding the jobs, interviewing and negotiations is a process. The way you have it lined out with all the resources, it will work, predictably,” he continued. “However, it won’t work at all if you just aren’t internally ready to do it. I’m so glad you had the executive coaching as part of the package.”

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