Courage is not the absence of fear

Courage is the ability to overcome fear to push yourself into taking the action about which you have fear.
We all have fears. It’s a normal and necessary part of life. Fear is the emotional reaction to sensing danger. It’s a warning sign meant to protect us.
Overcoming fear is the result of a mental equation. What is the risk to reward ratio associated with the action? What are the consequences of failure? How important is it that I take action versus doing nothing?
Courage, and bravery, often come as the result of experience. If you’ve faced the fear before, or experienced the failure, and lived to tell the tale then you are much less likely to fear it as gravely as the first time.
It can also come to you by having an experienced person next to you. This person has faced the dragon, knows its weaknesses and how to protect yourself in the fray. More importantly, they let you in on a little secret. It’s usually not a big fire breathing, flying dragon. It’s just a large lizard.
If fear of the unknown is holding you back, seek the guidance of someone who has the experience of going through similar situations many times.
Conquer the large lizard!
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