Career Growth Gets Harder at the Top

Career growth is challenging and gets much harder at the top. Don’t sit down and give up. Get help to persevere and resume your climb.

Career growth

“So, what’s the primary motivator for seeking a new job?” I ask. It’s a common question we ask in the first call with a prospective client.

“I’ve been here for 10 years. I’m a vice president. The next step up would be in the C-suite, but no one is leaving any time soon,” he says.

Candidates identify career growth as one of the top reasons for seeking to leave a company. It’s a natural thing. The challenge of moving up in the organization rests on the shape of the pyramid. There are fewer spots at the top, though there are still many people who want those spots.

The level of competition increases as you move up as well. The interview skills and experiences you share to promote your candidacy need to be that much greater than they were the last time you interviewed. Did you compete with a large pool of qualified candidates for the current job? How long ago was your last competitive interview process?

The margin of separation from one candidate to the next decreases for executive-level positions. That means every small detail matters and there are thousands of details to consider.

Most reach a certain level and then stop trying when the challenge increases. They sit down on the stairway to the top and give up. The ones who ascend push through. They persevere and find the resources they need to help them succeed.

Who helps you push through in your climb to the top?

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