Calm in the Face of Panic Leads to Prosperity

The executives who stay calm in the face of panic enjoy career and business success.  Do you make calm business decisions?

business lessons from George bailey

The bank run scene from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” shows human nature at its core. George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart, calms the shareholders of the savings and loan to think clearly in their moment of panic. He tells the crowd that those who panic, lose, while those who seize the opportunity win.

“Potter isn’t selling, he’s buying. And why? Because we’re panicking and he’s not, that’s why. He’s picking up some bargains,” Bailey says. One can capitalize on making calm business decisions.

Covid-19 Panic

The current global panic brought on by the Covid-19 virus presents a similar opportunity. Those who panic and make hasty decisions to cash out at 50 cents on the dollar, lose. Meanwhile, guys like old man Potter buy while things are priced at a bargain rate. The one who remains calm and recognizes the opportunities in the face of mass anxiety will win big. Executives need the practiced calm of George Bailey when making decisions during this storm.

Covid-19 will come and go. The warm weather season will sap its strength. RNA viruses tend to mutate rapidly because they aren’t genetically as stable as DNA viruses. The rapid mutation usually leads to less virulent strains that reduce its impact.


Stay calm. Weather this brief storm and you will be the beneficiary of your good judgment, just like George Bailey.

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Calm Business Decisions - George Bailey