Outplacement Services Help Employees and Companies

Outplacement services help employees affected by the turbulent waters of a challenging economy. Endeavor Agency provides outplacement services to help both companies and employees transition effectively.

the value of outplacement services

We’re all in the raft together. The choppy white water of the economy swirls and churns around us and it’s difficult to see what lay ahead down river. Sometimes the bumpy ride throws people in the raft overboard. Outplacement services are the life vest and rescue team trailing behind the raft.

Companies are already taking action to adjust to the current situation of Covid-19. Layoffs and reductions in force are already taking place. More will surely follow. Outplacement services help affected employees safely find the shore and the next raft to move down the river.

Endeavor Agency provides outplacement services to help people find more and better jobs, prepare for interviews, evaluate opportunities and negotiate terms. We provide executive coaching to get the inner focus needed to succeed, identify block and prepare for the journey ahead.

Employers who provide outplacement services to employees during a layoff have more loyal employees on their remaining team, better brand images and an easier time recruiting when the economy improves.

If you’re an employer planning to reduce your current workforce Endeavor Agency can help. Contact Endeavor today to learn more about our outplacement services. The you of tomorrow will thank the you of today for taking the right steps now.

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Endeavor Agency is the nation’s leading career agency for executives. Endeavor helps executives, physicians, and professionals find jobs. Our team prepares clients for interviews and our clients win job offers far more often. Endeavor helps clients negotiate better offers and employment contracts.

Endeavor offers executive coaching and outplacement services. Our agents help executives find jobs leading private equity and venture capital companies.
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