When we hear the word “networking” our brains tend to think of the people we already know or to whom we have a connection. In our lives and careers we reach out to this group of people for help and they do the same in turn.
There are many subgroups in your network. Family members are usually the inner core. Friends from your early life, college buddies and work colleagues are a big source. When you have kids you start to interact with the other parents.
Networks decay over time. Relationships diminish if they’re not fostered. People retire, change jobs, move or even pass away. If your whole approach to networking is to only interact with these few people then your access to the world will be very small. This can greatly limit your ability to find a new job.
True networking goes to a new level. Your willingness and ability to add new people on a regular basis is important. Then, most importantly, reach out and start conversations. Foster the relationships and go on a voyage of exploration.
You will be amazed at what you discover.
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