Networking During the Holidays – Part 2

In part one, we covered why the holidays are actually a great time for networking and search for a job. In this article, Endeavor highlights the steps you can do to improve your job search and, ultimately, land a new job.

The Five Networking Actions to Take During the Holidays
  1. Reconnect with Your Existing Network

    The holidays offer a great way to have a warm re-introduction to people in your network. If you haven’t spoken to them in a while, a holiday greeting is a nice way to begin your conversation. Then, you can bridge into your message and close for a time to visit further.“Mary, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. It’s been a while since we last visited and I would love to catch up…”

  2. Build New Connections

    The LinkedIn mobile app is a perfect tool to invite new people to connect during some down time in between family activities. Finding key people on the inside of places you would like to work isn’t difficult. Tapping the button to send them an invitation is easy. The hard part is overcoming the emotional barrier of inviting someone you don’t really know. Most people are in a good mood around the holidays and are likely more open to helping someone in need. This time of year is a good opportunity to build new connections in this joyful season.

  3. Start a Conversation with New Connections

    Once you have a new connection, it should be much easier to engage in dialogue. If this person accepted you into his/her network, then they have made a conscious choice to welcome your communications. It’s the entire point of the platform. Reach out and invite them to set up a time to talk on the phone.

  4. In-Person Events and Holiday Functions

    The holidays are filled with all kinds of in-person activities. Kids have programs at school. Companies have office parties. Cities and towns have parades and festivals to celebrate the season. These are prime opportunities to run into people you might know, and even be introduced to others you have not yet met. The usual small talk that starts these conversations can be great door openers to you asking them for help. Leads on good jobs can come from so many different places and people.

  5. Work the Family Network

    Family get-togethers provide the same kinds of opportunities to pick up on leads and introductions. Several members of your family and extended family have people in their networks who could be great connections for you. The main challenge is overcoming the emotional awkwardness of sharing what’s going on in your professional life. Push past your fears and ask for help.

Holiday Networking is a Great Job Search Tactic

In summary, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to network and get your foot in the door to jobs you might not have otherwise seen. If you choose to do nothing for over a month due to a myth that nothing happens over the holidays, then you will just be that much further behind in landing your new role. Happy Holidays!

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