Is it time for a new approach?

The last several months came and went while you looked for a new job. There were likely some interviews, though not likely as many as you wanted. Maybe there was a job offer or two but just not the right one.

You’re still sitting on the sidelines trying to get in the game. Is it time to change your tactics?

If you’re sending out multiple resumes per week and applying to countless jobs but not gaining much traction then you already know the answer to the question. This method isn’t working. Doing more of it isn’t the answer.

If you’re getting into the interview process but not progressing through the multiple stages to the end then it’s time to take a look at what you’re doing. Giving the same answers on the next interview probably isn’t going to yield what you want.

If the last three jobs have been ones that you knew inside of a few months it wasn’t the right fit it’s a sign that the entire process was not generating the outcomes you desired. Using that same methodology for the next one will generate the same outcome.

It’s time to consider working with a team who knows how to help you break out of your present career reality. Is this a brazen pitch message? You bet! Reach out to me if you’re ready.


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