Interview Tip – Show Interest and Enthusiasm

A good tip for success in an interview – show interest and enthusiasm for the job and company if you want the interviewer to be excited about you.

THe Importance of enthusiasm in an interview

“I didn’t get the offer,” my client shared. She was a bit shocked at the news. “The recruiter gave me some feedback as to why. He said the interviewers said they were worried I was not excited about the opportunity. I thought I was. It was a good company and a job I really wanted.”

“Well, it’s not the news we wanted to hear but, it’s good that you were able to get the feedback,” I shared. “Now that you know this, what can you do differently on the next one to change the outcome?”

She thought for a moment. “I think I was trying to focus too much on identifying their challenges and recommending solutions to show I could help. They might have misread that and thought I was being negative.”

Employers want to know that candidates want to join them because new employees who are not excited about their job leave the company quite often when they find a better one. Excited employees are more productive in general and bring a positive energy that lifts everyone around them.

Enthusiasm is naturally infectious in a good way. Of course, measured doses of enthusiasm work best versus unbridled zeal. A little can go a long way. If you are excited about the company they are more likely to be excited about you.

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