Good Outplacement Services Bring Human Touch

Endeavor Agency recently helped a downsized employee who was not happy with outplacement services offered by her previous employer.

“It was a waste of my time,” she said. “I don’t know why they bothered spending money on those services. It was just one more insult.”

It’s never a joy to go through a downsizing. This client was laid off as part of a large restructuring where hundreds of her colleagues got the same bad news. The company hired an outplacement firm to help employees transition. Big brand. Recognizable name. Unfortunately, the employer chose a low cost plan and their efforts to provide help backfired.


“It was very impersonal,” she began. “The first person I spoke with seemed nice, but the guidance was all very basic. It was a different person each time I called. Then, they kept trying to shuffle me off to their online platform versus spending any time helping me. I wanted more direct human interaction and guidance instead of an online system or information that I could find with a Google™ search.”

Endeavor helped her land a new job through our one-on-one personalized services, including interview training and a LinkedIn™ profile review. Then, she referred several of her former colleagues who had the same experience with the impersonal outplacement services firm.

Consider partnering with Endeavor, whether a business or individual, to take advantage of our individualized outplacement services capabilities.

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