Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

“You need to get out of your comfort zone,” the speaker says. But inside our heads, we tell ourselves something else.

“I don’t know my way around this place.”
“I’m going to get lost.”
“I don’t know how to do these things.”
“I’m going to make a mistake.”
“Others will see me and I will be embarrassed.”

These are just some of the many fears going through our minds when we are out of our comfort zone.

It’s simply just fear that holds us back most of the time from succeeding. Fear is a good thing when it helps us avoid mortal danger. That’s rational. However, a fear of trying something new simply because we have not yet mastered the skill or learned our way around is not.

Yes, we will likely make some mistakes when we try something new. It’s not only OK, it’s expected. This is part of the learning process.

Endeavor helps clients push out of their comfort zones every day. We teach them how to reach out to people they don’t know and start a conversation. We help them find the key people, their contact information and even craft the verbiage for them. Our clients build incredible networks and open new doors to opportunity on a regular basis because they can overcome these fears.

The best part is that someone is there with them every step of the way.

About Endeavor Agency, Inc.

Endeavor Agency, Inc. is the nation’s leading agency helping individual executives, professionals and physicians find the jobs they truly want. The combination of additional resources, expertise and manpower helps Endeavor clients uncover more and better job opportunities than what they could access on their own.

Endeavor Agency helps rebrand clients to effectively communicate their value throughout the interview process and increase their odds dramatically of winning offers. Additionally, Endeavor Agency helps clients achieve better results in negotiating the terms of their employment agreements.

Endeavor Agency also provides executive coaching, outplacement services and guides executives focused on the private equity and venture capital market segments.

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