Career Progress and Opportunities Come From Planting Seeds

“I think I would like to set up a time to visit,” the email message said. “I left my last company a few months ago and I might need your help in finding my next executive sales position.”

The Endeavor agent looked back at the message string to see when someone last sent this person a message. It was over a year ago!

That’s not unusual, actually. Every week, there’s at least one person who responds after a few months or more after the initial point of contact. This person was a senior vice president of sales and appeared to have great career progress. But the last job on their profile had an end date showing which was longer than a few months.

We visited and they became a client. Things improved for the client as they secured more interviews and eventually won a good job through our partnership.

The real takeaway of this short story is about planting seeds. Every day, the entire Endeavor team plants seeds for future growth, whether via email or social media. We reach out with messaging to start conversations. Not every seed takes root right away. Some never do. But, over time the combination of elements will cause things to happen.

We teach our clients the same thing. Plant seeds every day. Lots of them. It will take time and nurturing before they sprout and produce something of substance. But they do, season after season.

Plant your seeds and you will have career progress.

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