One Minute Builds the Brand

A recent client, who was a COO, needed a new branding statement to win their next job.

“I feel like my interviews get started a little slowly,” they said when we first visited. “I warm up later in the process but I don’t seem to get out of the gates well.”

They needed help with their branding statement. It goes by many other names, including the elevator pitch, or value proposition. It’s the answer to the interview opening question, “So, tell me about yourself.”

Most people recite the chronology of their resume. They make sure to also include their education and core philosophies. Throw in their hobbies and family members for added flavor. Fifteen minutes later, their “concise” life history has already induced REM sleep in the audience.

One minute. That’s all you get. The listener’s attention span will expire after that. Who are you? What do you bring to the table of value? How does that help me? What do you want and why should I care? These are the questions going through the interviewer’s head. The first minute is the most important part of the interview. More than half of their decision about you will be made in that time span.

We helped our COO client craft their branding statement. It was powerful. She practiced it hundreds of times and landed a new job within a short amount of time after working on their branding statement.

About Endeavor Agency, Inc.

Endeavor Agency, Inc. is the nation’s leading agency helping individual executives, professionals and physicians find the jobs they truly want. The combination of additional resources, expertise and manpower helps Endeavor clients uncover more and better job opportunities than what they could access on their own.

Endeavor Agency helps rebrand clients to effectively communicate their value throughout the interview process and increase their odds dramatically of winning offers. Additionally, Endeavor Agency helps clients achieve better results in negotiating the terms of their employment agreements.

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