AI In Your Job Search

One trend that has exploded in 2023 that may become part of everyday life for several professions is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create written content and idealized images. ChatGPT is one such AI that takes complex questions and answers them in a conversational manner.

ChatGPT is like a search engine in that you can ask the platform a question. However, instead of a list of webpages that may contain the answer, ChatGPT creates the answer in the form of a sentence, paragraph, short story or even in long form. Your answer depends on the instructions you give in your question.

From a job hunt perspective, ChatGPT could become a tool to use in the job search process. Cover letters, resumes and sample email messages for HR professionals or recruiters can be developed through this technology. It could help reduce the amount of time needed to write emails and other job search marketing materials to mere seconds or minutes instead of hours.

On the downside, incorrect information or biased content may be generated from AI, which could hurt your job search or interview if you repeat this misinformation without verifying it first. Current events are excluded as well, as ChatGPT only uses information available on the web after 2021. This can hurt your chances at landing a job if you need to know business, political or economic trends from the past 16 months in your new job. Recently, plugins for ChatGPT were made available, so this concern may lessen in the near future.

Another potential downside is that the text generated may use vocabulary you’re not familiar with or may not even seem like you. In your job search communications, Endeavor wants your materials to reflect the best of who you are, but not imitate someone or something you’re not.

ChatGPT can become a tool in your job search toolbox, and could help you start with your written materials, but you will still need to put in some work to personalize any text generated for your job search materials.

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