Your visual communication and presence vs. verbal and written communications

Your visual communication and presence is an even more important leadership skill than your verbal and written communications. Those whom you lead receive much more information visually than they do audibly.
Body language and posture deliver a barrage of messages to everyone around. Yet, most leaders pay very little attention to them. All the work you put in trying to craft the perfect message can be completely undone by visually sending a very different message.
There are numerous books on the subject. Even better, there are some great YouTube videos covering these topics. One of the leading experts in the field is Amy Cuddy. If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch her Ted Talks on YouTube, do so today. Her book, Presence, is another great resource to use on this subject.
Pay attention to what you wear, your facial expressions, your posture and hand gestures. If you want to be perceived as a strong, confident leader who is calm and relaxed in the face of challenge you have to show it, not just say it.
Master the art of VisualSpeak with the same enthusiasm as crafting your words and your messaging will be much stronger.
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