Your Value Proposition must be something you can deliver without even thinking about it.

It’s so important that you have to be able to communicate it from muscle memory.
How do you develop this skill? Thousands of repetitions.
Professional athletes know this. Entertainers and performers live it daily. The core skills they will use to win the game, the standing ovations or the sold out theaters must be delivered on cue with perfect precision and Six-Sigma consistency.
Your Value Proposition, or your Elevator Pitch, is that one minute or less summation of who you are, what you bring to the table, how it helps the listener and why they should care. It should be powerful and performed in a way that will move the listener emotionally.
It’s the opening statement of any interview. “So tell me about yourself,” is usually the starting point of any interview. (Insert Value Proposition Here). If you deliver it powerfully then you have the interviewers right where you want them.
Structure what you will say and practice it out loud thousands of times. Develop your muscle memory.
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