Your career isn’t over just because you were fired.

Of course it is never an enjoyable experience. But, it doesn’t mean you will not be able to land on your feet.
Terminations happen for a variety of reasons. Down sizings, acquisitions, company closings or just not fitting in with the team and the direction the leader wants to go. Even if the reason was because something bad happened you can still turn things around with the right approach.
Most people aren’t sure how to handle the situation because they have never experienced it before. Once they get over the initial shock and start looking for the new job in earnest they get some interviews. The tricky part comes next. How to answer the question, “Why did you leave your last job?”
It’s not a trick question. The interviewer likely has no idea yet. The question is a predictable, standard question asked in almost every interview. You know it’s coming. Have a great answer ready. Keep it simple, positive, unemotional and short. Avoid the temptation to try and explain the whole back story. The more you talk, the more they start to detect an issue.
We’ve helped hundreds overcome this tricky situation. It takes a lot of work and practice. But your career can get right back on track.
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