You Can’t Take It With You.

That was the title of the play I was in my senior year in high school. It’s a classic. I played the same character played by Jimmy Stewart in the 1938 version.
The story centers on a quirky family. The Jimmy Stewart character is about to marry into this oddball bunch. The humor and conflict revolve around the two love birds introducing their respective families to each other over dinner.
The reason I share this story is because the title of the play is uttered by the grandfather of the oddball family. He seeks to explain that there’s more to life than piling up a bunch of money to keep score. What’s the point? “You can’t take it with you.” Life in the great beyond is devoid of the possessions we amass here on Earth.
Busy executives and professionals get so caught up in the rat race of career progression that we sometimes lose sight of the fact that there are no prizes for a new high score. While this title line did not cause me to give away all my stuff and live life as a monk contemplating the meaning of life, it certainly helped me keep life in perspective.
When the rat race gets a little hectic I will sometimes stop and remember the wisdom shared by the grandfather. “You can’t take it with you.”
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