Working for a small company, or start-up, can offer some big opportunities.

Sure, it feels a bit riskier than going to work for the larger, more established, corporation. But is it really?
With a small company you have more of a voice, a seat at the table. Every week I speak with highly compensated and accomplished people who say they want to leave their current large company because they don’t have a voice. They are even willing to accept less pay to have a larger role.
The opportunities for growth are usually abundant in a small company. If you can help the company grow then your roles, title and responsibilities can grow rapidly. This depends on your willingness and ability to grow your skills and knowledge base in tandem.
Small companies tend to be more organic and less rigid in their hierarchical structure. Entry level team members have ready access to the top executives. Ideas flow much more fluidly.
The perceived stability and security of working for a large company disappears quickly when a dip in a quarterly earnings report leads to layoffs. While small companies have their own challenges and drawbacks they do present great opportunities as well.
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