Winning a job has little to do with merit or experience.

I know this flies in the face of conventional wisdom. But, take a moment and think about it.
For a professional, or executive level, job the employer will likely receive between 300-500 applications if it is advertised. Many of the very best qualified and most experienced applicants will be rejected by the ATS software simply because of a formatting error with their resume, or omission on the application.
A brief phone screen interview will be the first step. But only 20-30 candidates at most will make it to this step. The majority of these candidates didn’t go through the application portal. Their resume was delivered directly by someone on the inside, a connection. All of these candidates meet the basic qualifications.
Only 5 will be invited for on-site interviews. At this point, every candidate is well qualified. Being the most qualified helps you get into the process. However, the decision after that is based on your ability to communicate your value. They have no way of seeing you do the job during an interview. It’s a performance art.
Merit and experience will not win you the offer. Mastering the art of interviewing will.
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