Learn the Skills to Uncover Word of Mouth Jobs

Most job seekers are so conditioned to the process of applying to posted jobs that they miss seeing the bigger opportunities. Nearly 80% of all jobs are filled without ever being publicly advertised. Yet, candidates routinely limit themselves to chasing the same ones everyone else sees. Right away they are in direct competition with hundreds of other job seekers.


The first reason is that they don’t know how to uncover jobs that aren’t advertised. It requires networking skills that go beyond reaching out to the handful of people they already know.

Second, it requires good questioning and listening skills. Good questions uncover needs and challenges. Listening is an exercise in patience and going beyond the first layer.

Third, it’s hard work that takes an investment of time. Most simply won’t invest the time and work needed, especially if it goes longer than a few weeks.

Lastly, it means getting out of the comfort zone. Starting conversations with a lot of people is challenging, especially when you are actively looking for a new job. Proposing yourself as the solution opens the door to possible rejection.

Learning these skills takes practice and the guidance of an experienced coach who will keep you on track over the long haul.