The Importance of Following Up in Your Job Search

“Why aren’t they getting back to me?”
It’s one of the most commonly expressed frustrations from any candidate for a job.
You had a nice visit. The contact person said they would get back to you early next week. You waited until Thursday of the following week before you emailed. No reply.
The weekend comes and you’re starting to boil over. “I can’t believe how rude and unprofessional people are today,” goes the comment about 20 times over the weekend.
What can you do? In reality, the follow ups should have been sooner and more frequent and much earlier. However, it’s time to reach out again.
Change the the communication medium.
If you emailed last time, call them this time. If you’ve already done both, email again or send a text. Be sure to be polite and professional. Don’t let your frustration shine through.
They might be on leave. Maybe they are having health issues. Who knows if they are still with the organization? Reach out to someone else inside the company and see if they are still there. Ask for the new person’s help in getting a message to the first person. You might be surprised in how quickly you hear from them.
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