Clients Value Having Help in their Job Search and Not Being Alone

“Which part of the service line do you believe you will value most?”
We ask this question of all new clients during the initial client consultation.
They usually pause for a few seconds to consider all the areas where we will be helping them. While it varies from person to person, the most common response we hear is, “Honestly, it’s knowing that I’m not alone in this process. Having someone working with me who is a phone call, an email, or text message away is very reassuring.”
The most interesting part of this response is that it occurred without being included in a list of options. We didn’t highlight this aspect as an important part of our services. I truly thought most people would say either helping them get their foot in the door for interviews, or prepping to win the interviews.
Over a decade ago when I first started the model it was mainly focused on negotiations. The services grew quickly in response to what clients said they needed. It never fully dawned on me how lonely it feels when you’re looking for a job, need all kinds of answers to a multitude of questions and have no one to whom you can turn.
Now, we emphasize it. “You are not alone in this.” It really seems to resonate.
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