When you’re a finalist candidate for an executive level position..

The dinner interview often includes quite a menagerie of people.There are several of them but only one of you. All eyes are on you.
While this might be exhilarating for some others might find it intimidating. There are good ways to handle it, though, to reduce the pressure and improve your performance
First, try to position yourself in the middle of the table seating, versus being at the end. It makes for easier, more comfortable conversation. Everyone at the table can more easily participate.
Second, treat the discussions as separate individual interactions versus one large group presentation. While the other attendees will be listening it won’t feel as much like you are facing a large group.
Third, involve everyone. Bring them into the conversation. Ask them questions and get them talking about themselves versus just grilling you with questions.
Lastly, prepare well ahead of time. Research the people and the venue. The more you know the better you will feel. You will relax and perform more confidently.
“A toast, to our new senior executive!”
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