“What’s the secret sauce, the magic formula?”

This is a question we field many times a day. It is often phrased differently but the gist is the same. Clients and prospective clients are looking for a shortcut. They want someone to be able to waive a magic wand to help conjure up the perfect job.
“Do you really want to know our secret, our magic formula? Here it is…..hard work + methodical process + resources + years of experience + perseverance + extra manpower = better outcomes.”
Then their shoulders slump. The excitement drains. “Oh. You mean there really isn’t a shortcut?”
Actually, yes. This is the shortcut. Why? The other ways never reach the destination. They either end in a scary dark place or you just accept some other destination as good enough because you don’t want to do what it takes to get what you truly want.
The secret is that we know the exact pathway it will take to reach the destination. We know the inputs it will involve to ensure we get there. More importantly, we are there with you to help make sure you don’t sit down alongside the road and give up.
That’s an incredible shortcut versus setting out alone without this knowledge and wandering aimlessly. The path is predictable if you’re ready to follow it.
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