“What are your expectations regarding compensation?”

Answering the question, “What are your expectations regarding compensation?” is challenging. The vast majority of candidates crash and burn on this question.
It’s awkward. They don’t know how to answer it well and end up talking all over the place. If the interviewer is trained in asking follow up questions she can usually get to the candidate’s bottom dollar.
The sad part is that it really isn’t that difficult for the interviewer to ascertain your lowest tier of acceptable pay. They just ask the question and let you talk. Out it comes in short order.
So much for negotiations. Those are essentially over.
We train our clients how to answer this question. The first layer is very general saying while money is important it’s mostly about the fit, not the money. After you are both on board you will work out the details that is fair and meets the market.
Mastering the answer takes practice, even after you thoroughly understand it.
But, there’s a second layer and even a third layer. You have to be skilled to address those. This takes even more practice to master and the guidance of someone who does this every day.
You only get one chance. You have to be ready when it comes and they don’t tell you when the question is coming.
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