Evaluating a Job Opportunity is an Important Skill

Evaluating a Job Opportunity is important. It’s a skill that takes knowledge and discipline to learn.
“What are the principle challenges you are facing in your job search?” It’s a question I ask prospective clients as a routine. Everyone’s situation is different.
“I keep taking jobs with companies that turn out to have serious issues. Then I either get downsized or need to leave because they are unstable or just a bad environment to work in. I want to find a good job in a good company.”
This female executive had 5 jobs in the last 4 years. She initially chalked it up to bad luck. I shared with her it was not luck. It was directly related to her process.
At first, this caught her off guard. But then she realized it was how she went about looking for jobs. She wasn’t seeing the openings at the good companies. It was about her inability to get her foot in the door at good companies. That required advanced networking skills and a lot of work. It was about her inability to land the good jobs in good companies. The competition quite frankly had better interview skills.
Lastly, it was related to her due diligence process. She wasn’t doing much to peel back the onion to assess if it was the right fit or not.
Today she has a good job in a good company.
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