Wednesday client anecdote: VP of HR client referred her friends after acquisition.

Six months passed after she accepted the new VPHR role. We were thrilled to play a part and there was much celebration. Then she called and left a message. The message was short. “Call me at your earliest convenience.”
At first, I thought something happened in her job. Perhaps she was let go. I called her right away. “I need your help,” she said. I feared the worst for her. “We recently acquired another company. Some good friends here are being let go due to redundancies. I want to make sure they land in a good place. Will you help them?”
I was relieved to learn it was not her. “Happy to help,” I said. She shared their contact details and let me know the company would provide them outplacement monies they could use for our services.
“Thanks for the referrals. I’m pleased you thought of us,” I said.
“Look, you helped me through a tough transition to get here. That meant the world to me.” I paused at her thoughtful words just to take it in. It’s a warm feeling to know you helped someone in a meaningful way. “These are more than just colleagues. These are my friends. Help them as you helped me.”
Referrals like these warm the soul.
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