Wednesday Client Anecdote: VP of HR client mastered the Proactive Interview Model and won

There was a lot of frustration on the other end of the line when I received the initial call. The prospective client, an experienced HR executive said, “Something is not going right in my interviews. I keep getting the runner up spot. Can you help me?”
When we started working together I learned there was a lot that was going well with her interviews. She was doing well enough to make it all the way to the final round which meant she was better than the other 20-30 candidates who made it into the interview stages.
But, it was not enough to claim the prize.
Finalist interviews are different animals than other interviews. It’s head to head competition. The employer already knows you’re qualified. They already know they like you enough to take it this far. But, did you separate yourself from your competitor in a positive way in this stage?
We worked on mastering the Proactive Interview Model that we teach our clients and the subtleties of competitive differentiation. She soaked it up. Mastered it. Won on the next opportunity.
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