Wednesday client anecdote: SVP client finally let go of old ways to follow the lead to success

He was a sharp guy, strong personality. His confidence served him well in helping him advance his career. When we first started working together, there was a lot of posturing. He wanted to show he had everything together.
The truth was hidden a few layers below the hard exterior surface.
During the first month of working together it was painful, for both of us. He didn’t want to change his resume and thought it should be 7 pages, black and white. He wanted to keep his old profile picture from 6 years ago. Interview training and practice would not be needed as he was already an expert interviewer.
Finally I had to ask him. “Why did you hire us?”
“Because I want help getting a job,” he said. I explained that if he fought us at every step and continued doing things the same way, he would simply get the same results as before he hired us.
After a long visit and peeling back the layers, he finally relented and said he would follow our lead. Sometimes clients say it, but don’t really mean it. This one meant it.
He followed our lead and embraced the process. It didn’t take much longer and he landed his new EVP role.
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