Wednesday client anecdote: Helped COO become CEO.

I remember the call from a few years ago. A COO for a mid sized company said, “I want you to help me move up to the CEO chair.”
She outlined her situation. Her boss, the CEO, was soon to announce his retirement. She had six months to make the case that she was the rightful heir apparent.
“I know my CEO thinks very highly of me. He has mentioned a few times that I should consider throwing my hat in the ring when he moves on,” she said. “However, he hasn’t directly said that he would strongly recommend me. Even so, I’m not sure the board sees me in this role.”
I outlined how we could help. She essentially had less than 3 months to make her case. Once the CEO makes his announcement, the board will set in motion their plans for finding a successor. She needed to be ahead of the game.
We also discussed Plan B. If she didn’t get the job, she would likely have to find a new one. Good chance the new CEO would want her own team in place, especially if she was a competitor for the job.
We launched her search for an alternative CEO opportunity right away. She won the offer for two different places and accepted one before her current organization finished their search.
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