Wednesday Client Anecdote: COO fired after Private Equity Co. acquisition

She saw it coming. The owner for whom she had worked the last 6 years had an unexpected health crisis. The family didn’t want to run the business and decided to sell quickly to a private equity firm.
The PE firm rolled the company up into one of their other portfolio companies. She was out of a job.
This was new territory for her. She had never been let go. In fact, she hadn’t actively looked for a new job in nearly 20 years as the jobs always seemed to find her. Now what?
The first month was a lot of disbelief and anger. There wasn’t much activity in her job search. Then she finally started looking in earnest. But, she struggled for two more months. A few interviews took place and several coffee meetings with people she knew. But, it all led nowhere.
When she came on board as a client she needed to have all her marketing materials rebuilt. They were old, outdated and too wordy. The profile picture looked like a yearbook photo from many years ago. With new materials, a focus, strong value propositions and a lot of interview coaching she landed her new job.
Life happens. It’s just business. There are many more great opportunities for you.
#endeavoragency #jobsearch #interviewing #careertransition
#endeavoragency #jobsearch #interviewing #careertransition
#endeavoragency #jobsearch #interviewing #careertransition