Wednesday client anecdote: Chief Technology Officer client closed for the job and won.

He was a brilliant guy. He had two masters degrees in engineering and computer science and an MBA to boot. The last job he had was a start-up that was acquired by a larger competitor. He could have stayed but decided to cash out and find something new, more exciting.
Good plan but it took longer than he thought it would. There were plenty of interviews but he was the runner up three straight times. That’s when he reached out to us.
After the first mock interview, I could tell right away what the main issue was. He couldn’t close.
Sales skills were not his area of expertise. He had always believed the employer would hire the most qualified candidate. They don’t, unless it’s by accident. They hire the qualified candidate they like the most.
We worked on ways to make connections emotionally. He needed to push their hot buttons to get them excited. His delivery was a little dull. Then, we taught him how to close, how to ask for the job with confidence.
It wasn’t easy. He landed two offers in close succession and had his pick, which really helped in negotiations. Now he is the CTO of a fast growing company.
#endeavoragency #jobsearch #interviewing #careerdevelopment
#endeavoragency #jobsearch #interviewing #careerdevelopment
#endeavoragency #jobsearch #interviewing #careerdevelopment