Wednesday client anecdote: CEO/founder sold his business and struggled to find something new.

He sold his business and made a handsome profit. “Awesome! Life is good,” he said to himself. “Now what?”
The agreement had a non-compete provision for 3 years. He couldn’t go right back into the same line of work and do what he knew well. At first, he thought it would be no big deal. He would take some time off. Enjoy life for a while. The crazy life of an entrepreneur didn’t allow much time for personal enjoyment.
That lasted about 3 months before he was bored. A friend who owned a business in the area asked if he wanted to help him on some projects. The side hustle consulting gig earned him some money, though far less than what he made before. It wasn’t long before he realized he needed to be leading his own business again.
The job search wasn’t going well on his own. He was a fish out of water. He hadn’t interviewed for a job since he was right out of college. That’s when he called us.
We spent some time getting to know him and what he wanted. Then, we built the plan to make it happen. It took a while but now he is back in the game. He is running a small company and has big plans for growth.
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