Wednesday anecdote: Young surgeon had bad DUI.

Several years ago a young surgeon called me. She was about to finish fellowship and was terribly worried about the job market.
“I’ll get straight to it,” she said. “About a year ago I had a DUI. I’m worried this is going to ruin my career. Can you help me?”
It’s always challenging when you have something like a DUI on your record, especially if it’s recent. Hers was a little more severe, though. She fell asleep at an intersection and the police officer is the one who woke her.
That presented some challenges. If she just wanted to be a General Surgeon and go practice in a smaller community hospital somewhere I was sure we could tackle that. However, she wanted to focus on her sub-specialty area. That meant she needed to be in a larger city.
“We can help. But I have to know that these issues are in the past and you will need to follow our lead and work hard to master how to present this.” I advised. “The practices in those areas will have several well qualified candidates in mind. You will have to be far better than the others in your interviews or they will move on.”
She followed the lead and worked hard. She joined a good group in one of her top choice metros.
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