Wednesday anecdote: VP of Sales finally learned how to win at high level.

He had the right ingredients. Sharp looking guy. Snappy dresser. Good communicator with a solid track record of sales production. This helped him rise through the ranks to be RVP at a mid-sized company.
But, the company sold to a larger one. After the reorganization the new company didn’t need so many RVP’s. He was squeezed out. “No worries,” he thought. “I’m good at what I do and it’s time for me to move up the ladder.”
Four months went by. He had two offers but both were a step backward. There were some interviews for larger roles at bigger companies but he wasn’t even a finalist. He was devastated. “I have always won in previous interviews,” he shared with me. “It must be a bad economy.”
“No, it’s one of the best economies of the last 20 years,” I stated. He was having a hard time realizing that his competitor candidates were just better.
He was not a good client at first. It took a while before he learned where he needed to improve. Once he embraced the process the growth happened quickly. He didn’t win the next interview, but he was a finalist. More work ensued. Now he is VP of Sales.
The work isn’t easy but the results are predictable.
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