Wednesday anecdote: VP of HR referred a colleague

A little over a year ago I visited with a VP of HR. She was considering making a change. Her former CEO and mentor was retiring and she wasn’t quite sure of the new person coming in. Ultimately, she decided to wait and see how things played out.
Good news for her. She loved the new CEO. They hit it off right away. Bad news for me. She didn’t need our services at the moment. Regardless, I congratulated her for working through things to a positive outcome and we both agreed to stay in touch. She said she loved our partnership model and would be sure to tell others about it.
Fast forward about 3 months and I get a call from her. “One of our VP’s isn’t doing well with the leadership change over. Our CEO wants to make sure he finds a new team and asked me to help. I thought of you. Can you help him?”
Yes. The company even agreed to pay for a large part of the fee.
Leadership changes at the top often bring about changes for others. It didn’t take too long. Our new client landed a similar role within commutable distance in a few months.
Business is built on relationships. Plant the seeds for the long term and nurture the growth and development of the relationship.
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