Wednesday Anecdote: VP fired from last job struggled with answering interview questions.

Leaders get fired. Many times it has nothing to do with their performance or some big mistake they made. It might just be a bad personality fit with their boss.
This VP client was fired from her last job. No big reason was cited. She was devastated. Her career was a model of progress up to that point with consistent advancement and steady achievement.
She thought sure she would land something quickly because she was a solid performer with a strong network. However, the interviews did not go well. Her response to the one, predictable, question that came up every time caused her to crash and burn.
“Why did you leave your last job?”
She didn’t know how to answer this question. If she said she was fired it would send up red flags and set off alarms. If she came up with something else she wasn’t sure if that would cause her problems later when they checked references.
We worked with her to be able to address the question without setting off alarms. But, she also had to be comfortable and confident in knowing she was not lying or potentially causing herself problems later.
She landed the job on the next interview.
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