Wednesday anecdote: VP Client wanted to give up but persevered.

“I don’t want to do this any more,” our client shared. “This is too difficult. I’m worn out.”
It’s a predictable pattern. The first 30 days are full of activity. Rebuilding the career marketing materials is energizing. Clients see a dramatic upgrade in their professional presentation.
Learning how to interview powerfully to proactively drive value and close for commitments is empowering. They feel like they can conquer the world.
Building connections and gaining access to resources they had no idea existed to help them find job leads is mind altering. They love it.
Then, they start to hit a wall. Things slow down because it involves other people, third parties over whom they have little control. Phone calls and emails aren’t returned as promised. Interview scheduling gets dragged out. Employers want to have 5 and 6 rounds of interviews.
“Quitting is not an option,” we share. “We talked about that before we started. We have to push through.”
She stammered. She complained and vented frustration. But, she pushed on. Another 30 days and she landed her new job making more money than before.
Great things happen when quitting is not an option.
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