Wednesday anecdote: Surgeon finds great job in major metro market

“I took this job straight out of training because it was the best one I could find,” my new surgeon client shared. “But, I’m ready to be in a larger market. Unfortunately, I don’t see any jobs posted there.”
There are jobs available in the major metros for physicians. But, they are rarely outsourced to recruiting firms or even advertised aggressively.
Anyone associated with the business of healthcare has heard for many years about the shortage of physicians nationally. While that’s true for the country as a whole, it is not felt as acutely in the nice major metro markets. Hospitals and practices in the metros don’t have to work as hard to attract candidates as smaller markets.
“It’s all about making the connections and starting the conversations,” I shared. “Then it’s about winning in a competitive interview, which is very different than a small market where you are the only candidate.”
Our surgeon client landed a great job in his preferred market. It took a little time and wasn’t easy but he succeeded. Knowing how to access the market and having the resources to do it was the key.
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