Wednesday anecdote: Senior financial executive landed great new job.

Sometimes you have to pop the champagne corks and celebrate successes along the way. The crisp bubbles help savor the thrill of a big turn around and having a true impact in someone’s life.
Not long ago a senior financial executive sought us out for help. His career had some exciting accomplishments to tout leading multi-billion dollar projects. However, the trajectory of his career was going the wrong direction.
He jumped ship from the large corporation to a much smaller one with a lot of excitement. It didn’t pan out. That led to a series of intermittent consulting gigs. They helped pay the bills for a few years but it was feast or famine and a whole lot of chasing down new assignments.
His interview skills were rough and the resume and other materials were not in good shape. Several interviews came about quickly but ended just as quickly because he hadn’t mastered the training yet. He started to get frustrated, even angry at us.
When he finally buckled down and put in the work everything changed. He landed a great new job. He couldn’t say enough great things about the service then.
Persistence and patience won. Pop! Bubbly all around.
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