Wednesday anecdote: Physician executive client landed great Chief Medical Officer job.

It was time to move out of a clinical role and into a straight executive leadership role. He was the chair of his specialty service line for the region and had solid academic credentials. The MBA degree bolstered his case for an administrative leadership role.
The main challenges were making the jump out of academia and into the private sector and he only wanted one metro area. While there are many similarities and overlaps the two sides often speak a different language and approach things in their own ways.
We have helped hundreds of physician leaders progress in their leadership careers. When making the jump to CMO I always like to ensure my client understands this position represents the health system, the administration. It’s a very different job than serving as Chief of Staff.
While the CMO must work well with the physician staff it’s from the vantage point of gaining alignment to the goals of the organization. The decision makers in the C-Suite need to know their CMO understands the job.
We helped him master how to convey this message solidly in an interview. Now he is the CMO of a great hospital in the city he wanted.
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