Wednesday anecdote: Operations leader talked too much.

He talked too much. Plain and simple. Super nice guy, though. You wouldn’t mind hanging out with him for a while and listening to stories over a beer. But it would definitely be listening versus sharing stories. There wouldn’t be an opportunity to get one in of your own. This isn’t just one client’s story. This is a compilation of dozens.
“I’m a really good interviewer,” he said initially. However, the evidence wasn’t there to support his claim. He made the final round for two recent jobs but didn’t claim the prize, even though he was likely the best qualified candidate.
I had to challenge the statement. “What makes you say that?”
“I can talk to anyone. The conversation just flows. They truly seem to like me,” he said.
“But you’re not winning the offers,” I pointed out. “There’s a huge difference between being a good talker and an effective interviewer.”
He really struggled with this for some time. It took several mock interviews before he finally learned how to convey his value points and stop. Once he did, his outcomes changed.
He was still a likable guy. He just learned how to communicate better. There’s more to communicating than just talking.
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